Jan 12
We’re getting married!!!

It’s finally official!  Aaron finally proposed to me on Christmas Day!  We’re actually going to do it!  We’ll be getting married this July, Saturday the 7th, at 7pm, at Mom & Dad’s house, during our annual 4th of July Celebration.I chose this date for a few reasons.  Firstly, I had always thought that getting married at the 4th of July party would be the best route.  Friends and family would already be here, there would be fireworks, good food.  What more could you ask for for a wedding?  But then I started finding out several things about our chosen date.  First, this year is my mom and dad’s 20th wedding anniv.  They’ve been together for many more years than that, but they got married on July 5th, 1987.  I was almost the same age as Jaron will be at our wedding.  I also found out that my Grandma Sowers (who passed away not long after that) was born on July 7, so it’s sort of a nice way to pay homage to her since she will only be there in spirit.  Finally, after all these wonderful reasons to chose that date, there’s the novelty factor of it being 7/7/07 (777), and if you want to be silly about it, Jaron’s baseball # for the past 2 years is Lucky #7, we’re getting married at 7pm, and Aaron and I have been together for 7 years this year.  So the Heavens opened up to me and spoke to me that this, in fact, is MY perfect wedding date.  And Aaron has been so supportive that I just have to say how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man.  Thank you honey!

I will be (at first) devoting this website for updates and announcements, and then once the wedding is over this will be the place to come to check out the goings-ons in our family.  So bookmark this page and check back periodically for pictures, news, events, and more!

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