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Apr 29
Wedding Photos

They’re finally here! Enjoy!

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Jun 17
Need a place to crash?

Are you planning on staying the night? (Please do, I don’t want anyone to risk getting a DUI!) How about staying a few nights?? Check here for some more info.

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Jun 17
We’ve registered…

Wedding Registry Information

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Jun 17
Yes, it’s a pot luck wedding!

Just to make sure everyone’s clear, you should bring a side dish or some other pot-luck type item.

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May 30
The Wedding & 4th of July Party

We plan on having a very untraditional wedding ceremony and celebration, so you might want to check here to find out a little bit about what’s going to happen during the day.

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May 6
Invitations in the Mail

The invites will be in the mail this week!

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Mar 15
The Wedding Dress

My wedding dress has arrived and I modeled it the other day.

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Mar 6
My New Ring

It’s HERE! My new ring is HERE!

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Jan 12
We’re getting married!!!

It’s finally official! Aaron finally proposed to me on Christmas Day! We’re actually going to do it! We’ll be getting married this July, Saturday the 7th, at 7pm, at Mom & Dad’s house, during our annual 4th of July Celebration.

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