Nov 24
Weekend Wrap-up

This week has been very interesting.  I finally took Jaylen to the doctor on Thursday night because she’s been so inconsolable and in so much pain when she eats (and almost every other minute of the day really).  She has to go to Dayton Children’s Hospital for a Barium Swallow Test.  What’s that you ask?  Basically she’s going to swallow some radio-active junk and that lets them do an x-ray of her esophagus and stomach and internal workings immediately after she eats to see if she has any reflux and how bad it is.  I kind of hope it comes back that that’s what it is because I honestly can’t take another day like this.  It makes every day extremely difficult to endure knowing my sweet little angel is in so much pain.  Last night she had a scream fit that even scared ME.  I mean I’m used to her crying/fussing with the occasional scream or two but this lasted for several minutes, the long drawn out screams and bloodcurdling cries was enough to about cause me to have a meltdown.  Fortunately she finally soothed herself somehow and we got her to sleep.  I can’t wait for the appointment.  I need to find out a way to make my little sweet heart feel better.Bubble Girl

On a somewhat more positive note, she’s been trying to roll over as of today, and she’s almost got it.  She already mastered rolling over belly-to-back by the time she was 4 weeks old.  But the back-to-belly was a little more complicated.  She almost made it earlier and I have it on video, except she’s screaming her head off so I don’t think I’ll post it.  Nobody wants to hear a screaming baby, and unfortunately 95% of the day that’s what she does.

We’ve also been seeing a Chiropractor.  Thanks to Dr. Dave (Klosterman Chiropratic in Springboro, OH) she has become a much more efficient nurser and certainly latches on much better.  I was hoping the fussiness/reflux/colic/whatever would also be helped but it doesn’t seem to be working for that.  He started out treating Jaylen but scanned me and I was off the charts so I have been going myself.  I can’t say that I feel tons better, but then again, I never felt really bad to begin with (other than my migraines which it seems to have helped with).  I do love the practice and the people there, so it’s worth the drive!  And I sweet talked Mom into going with me one day and she’s now signed up and going too.  So Monday we went down and farted around town afterword and ended up going to Chinese for lunch/dinner.  Jaylen got her first Fortune Cookie Fortune!    And it was about the dumbest one I’ve ever heard LOL!  “Executive ability is promient in your make up.”

I can’t think of much else.  It’s taken me over 48 hours just to post this because Jaylen has been excessively upset so it makes it next to impossible to work on the computer.  I’ll wrap up with some photos.

Standin’ for Daddy:

Standing Baby Standing Baby

Blowin’ bubbles:

Bubble Girl Bubble Girl

Snoozin’ with Dad:

Daddy time Daddy time

Nappin’ in the car on the way to the Chiro:


Chillin’ with Eros the cat.

Hi Kitty!

Eros & His Buddy

In the home-made Moby Wrap.

First Baby Wrap

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2 Responses

  1. Talia Jade Says:

    I think Jaylen is so beautiful! I hope they figure out what’s going on. Wouldn’t that be a great relief? I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. E-ma Says:

    i was wondering if the wraps got done & if they work.