Jun 30
The first birthday aproaches…

So today is Jaylen’s 11mo bday. In exactly 1 more month my little girl will turn ONE! We plan to have the first bday party on Saturday Aug 1st at 2pm. It will be held at my Moms. I haven’t sent out invites yet but hope to do so on Monday.

Okay, as promised, I’d like to start a little wish list on here so people know what she needs and wants and what I’ve gotten her already.  Click below to read more.  First and foremost…

I saw the most ADORABLE little pink pony saddle, that looks almost like mommy’s regular size barrel saddle on CraigsList. Here’s the direct link to the ad –


It’s brand new, comes with a bridle and saddle pad.  It’s $165 which is a great deal for such a cute saddle.  Would have a very high re-sell value once I’m done with it.

Ok now that that’s out of the way.  The thing that we really need more than anything is a new car seat. When Jay is 12 months she will graduate from riding in her infant seat and can turn forward-facing. I have been looking at car seats and really trying to decide on the best one to get. I’ve decided to go with a convertible car seat, which is one that she can ride rear-facing in for a little more (which is safer) and then will turn forward facing, and then after that she can use it as a booster seat. I think I’ve decided on the Alpha Omega Elite by Safety 1st, and they make a CUTE brown and pink pattern (called “Carolina”) which seems to be offered online only from Babies R Us.  Here’s the link: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3398411 But it says they’re out of stock, so I searched the internet and found another company that sells them – http://www.babycarseats.com/Safety-1st-22456CAO-SFT1276.html but not sure how reputable they are.

Right now, the only thing I have gotten her so far is the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Bounce & Spin Pony. More later!

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