Mar 11
Sketti Night!!!

In my attempt to start up the Not-so-Wordless-Wednesday post, I just wanted to share a quick snippet of fun news. Normally Wednesdays is “Sketti Night” in the Stoney Household. It’s a long standing tradition (ever since Lost began airing on Wed nights LOL). Well, we now OFFICIALLY have the whole family eating sketti night! Yes, Jay had her first taste of sketti. I diced her up some vermicelli and put a couple drops of sketti sauce on it and she ***LOVED*** it!!! And she also did a great job at “chewing” even tho she didn’t have any teeth. Now just cross your fingers that we won’t see any negative reactions to tonight’s tastings.

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  1. Roo Says:

    She obviously takes after her momma with the love of sketti. She’ll be eating tacos and black olives before you know it.