Apr 12
Easter 2009 (& a suprise box of clothes)

Happy Easter everybody!

We spent our Easter Sunday with family (as usual) by first attending breakfast/brunch at Grandma & Grandpa Current’s in the Hills. Then we drove straight on thru to Mom’s back in Jtown and had dinner, but this year, instead of your typical Easter dinner, we had Johnny Marzetti.

When we got home, there was a big brown box sitting outside the back door full of cute little girl clothes. There was no note on it, or indication where it came from, so whoever left it, THANK YOU! The clothes and shoes (especially the little boots) are so cute!!

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2 Responses

  1. NIcole Craft Says:

    Hey the box of clothes was some of Elyssa old clothes I figured they would fit her since they born about the same time of year. Aaron was supposed to get them from grandma and grandpa bingamons but they must have dropped them off. I have no clue sorry for the suprise ha ha

  2. Ramsey Says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks for wrappin’ up the mystery LOL! I appreciate it! The little boots are just too cute. I can’t wait til she can wear them! She’s already worn some of the clothes. Thanks! I’ll have to call Gma & Gpa and tell em thanks for dropping them off. No worries! Aaron was clueless (what’s new LOL).