Apr 22
Mommy sales & holding bottles

So my best friend Nicole & I took the bambinos to a mommy sale even tho we swore we’d never take them because of the craziness at those sales. If youve ever heard of tge sals once a year in New York where brides-to-be rush into a store for drastically discounted wedding gowns and theyre punching and fighting over dresses, its sort of similar to that! It was all good tho. We just tied them on and away we went!

Her little boy who is 2 full months younger than Jaylen can already hold his own bottle so I made a comittment to working with her on holding her own bottle. I think we made real progress!

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2 Responses

  1. ema Says:

    well, how cute! who took the picture?

  2. Ramsey Says:

    Nicole’s mom used my phone and took the pic. :)