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Jul 10
First Birthday Party!

I followed a Shining star out to the Ocean’s edge
and Noticed a little Oyster shell Perched upon a Ledge.
Inside, to my suprise, was a Merbaby with Eyes so Blue
who sang me her sweet siren song that told me “I love you.”
She Granted my Heart’s Desire to have a Little Lass
and Told me to Enjoy the Time for it Goes by O’ so Fast.
Now it’s been almost a Year that I’’ve treasured with my Jewel
so I’d love for You to Come and Play with my Merbaby by the pool!

Jaylen’s 1st Birthday Pool Party
Saturday August 1st, 2009
2pm – 4pm

1415 Dean Rd.
Cedarville, OH 45314

RSVP: 937.768.2525

Jaylen Mermaid Party Invite

Apr 22
Mommy sales & holding bottles

So my best friend Nicole & I took the bambinos to a mommy sale even tho we swore we’d never take them because of the craziness at those sales. If youve ever heard of tge sals once a year in New York where brides-to-be rush into a store for drastically discounted wedding gowns and theyre punching and fighting over dresses, its sort of similar to that! It was all good tho. We just tied them on and away we went!

Her little boy who is 2 full months younger than Jaylen can already hold his own bottle so I made a comittment to working with her on holding her own bottle. I think we made real progress!

Apr 9
Standing up!!!

Jaylen stood up by herself just a minute ago for the first time since she did it in her crib. She stands pretty good if you help her but she pulse herself up on the baby gate!

Mar 24
She stood up!!!!

She just pulled herself up in her playpen when she was supposed to be sleeping!

Mar 19
Jaylens first word

So the other nite jaylen said her first word. She’s been sort of babbling it for a few days but on Tuesday she looked at me and said “mama!” and then acted like she wanted up. So happy she picked me first. (sorry dad). I’ll try to get some video of her saying it.

Adding some recent pics. Will tag later.

Mar 11
Sketti Night!!!

In my attempt to start up the Not-so-Wordless-Wednesday post, I just wanted to share a quick snippet of fun news. Normally Wednesdays is “Sketti Night” in the Stoney Household. It’s a long standing tradition (ever since Lost began airing on Wed nights LOL). Well, we now OFFICIALLY have the whole family eating sketti night! Yes, Jay had her first taste of sketti. I diced her up some vermicelli and put a couple drops of sketti sauce on it and she ***LOVED*** it!!! And she also did a great job at “chewing” even tho she didn’t have any teeth. Now just cross your fingers that we won’t see any negative reactions to tonight’s tastings.

Mar 9
Crawling forward!!

I know I’ve been saying for a while that Jay was on the verge of crawling but tonight she actually moved forward!! So it’s official … We have a crawler!!! I was making tacos in the kitchen and she started coming thru the doorway to say hi. But then she stopped when she got ahold of a couple of brother’s video games. Those are fun to eat. Lookout world here I come!!!!!

Nov 13
Rough Night

IMG00426.jpg, originally uploaded by lilqhgal.

Jaylen had a rough night last night. She got the normal routine of bath, swaddling, and nursing but she woke up twice thru the night. First at 1 and again at about 5. She’s been sleeping thru the night for about 2 week now, form about 8 to 7. I hope she has a better night tonight! Wish us luck!
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Nov 13

IMG00430.jpg, originally uploaded by lilqhgal.

Jaylen in her megasaucer.
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Nov 12
Bubble girl

Bubble girl, originally uploaded by lilqhgal.

Jaylen loves bathtime!
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